1) Alphabetical Index to Texas Scholarships and Aid:        http://www.window.state.tx.us/scholars/aid/faidalpha.html​

​2) Scholarship of the Month


Alphabetical List of Scholarships by Field of  Study       


4) National Federation of The Blind Scholarships: https://scholarships.nfb.org/
The time period for submitting a scholarship application for 2017 has now ended.

5) Sachs Foundation Scholarships: http://www.sachsfoundation.org/

6) Holocaust Remembrance Project Essay Contest: http://holocaust.hklaw.com/

7) APS Minority Scholarship (Physics)
        The APS Minority Scholarship Program has been suspended until further notice. APS is in the process of developing a new program aimed at minority physics majors

8) Courageous Persuaders Scholarships: http://www.courageouspersuaders.com/

9) ) Annual Signet Classics Student Scholarship Essay Contest

​10) Microsoft University Careers Scholarships:      https://careers.microsoft.com/students/scholarships

11) The "Negro Spiritual" Scholarship Foundation: http://www.negrospiritual.org/

12) ​​Siemens Westinghouse Competition (Now College Board)

13) Scholarships for Military Children:

14 ) American Nuclear Society Scholarships: http://www.ans.org/honors/scholarships/

 Applications open: November 15
Deadline for ANS Common Application and all Named scholarships: February 1
Deadline for Incoming Freshman Scholarship and Two-Year College Scholarship applications: April 1
Notifications sent: April 15 – May 15.

$1,000 scholarships (expected for incoming freshmen)
$2,000 - $2,500 scholarships (expected for undergraduate and two-year programs)
$3,000 - $4,000 scholarships (expected for graduate programs)

15) Questbridge College Prep Scholarships: http://www.questbridge.org/

​16)  National Association of Negro Musicians Scholarships :           http://www.nanm.org/scholar-main

17) The National Society of High School Scholars: http://www.nshss.org/scholarships/

18) National Federation of The Blind Scholarships:


19) Family Dollars Scholarships: https://www.scholarshipamerica.org
 You can find more information about application at

​​20) African American Scholarships (various areas):


​​21) SEIU Lottery Scholarship Program: ​​http://www.seiu.org/search/?q=scholarships

22) Scholarships for Study Abroad:


23) Americanism Essay Contest: https://www.fra.org/fra/web/

 See scholarships information in Search Engine

24) Access over 1.5 Million scholarships to help you pay for college
FastWEB Scholarship Search:

25) THE HARRY S. TRUMAN SCHOLARSHIP SITE: https://www.truman.gov/

Application Opens: November 1, 2017: Application Deadline:  February 15, 2018

27)  2017 Guide to the best online master's in accounting programs


 offers a helpful comparison of master’s in accounting programs across the country, and even offers tips on pursuing a career in accounting

28) A-1 Auto Transport, Inc. one of the largest U.S.-based worldwide auto shippers in the industry. is offering 3 scholarships, of $1000, $500 and $250. These scholarships are open to all nationalities and there are no fees to apply. 

You can find more info here: https://www.a1autotransport.com/a-1-auto-transport-scholarship/

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