Newburgh Tabernacle 
Seventh-Day Adventist Church      

On April 9th 2017 we celebrated Community Service Day at  Newburgh Tabernacle SDA in Newburgh New York.The officers and assistant of the church came together and show their support to the Community Service department’s effort  to reach out to the citizens of the City of Newburgh. The Community Service department is lead by Sister Clover Jones. The Local Civil services departments of the city of Newburgh were invited to the event. The local fire department came with a crew and a fire engine to show their support in reaching out to the citizens of Newburgh.

One of our youngest Community Service volunteers Rebecca Louissaint got very excited when she received an up close view inside of the fire engine as she hang out with the fire men.

​We thank our good friend Mayor Judy Kennedy for coming, Although she was on her way  for medical treatment due to an illness,  she passed by the church to show support for the event, she said “I love to go to these kinds of events”. Our pastor David Cuke, our head elder Terrence Osborne, the members of the church, the next door neighbors, and those who came to the event prayed together with Mayor Judy Kennedy that God may restore her back to good health

251-259 Grand Street, Newburgh, NY 12550.

Newburgh SDA 2018 Domino Champions:

The Newbugh Tabernacle SDA  Community Service Department  

Sister Clover Jones  and members of the City of  Newburgh Fire Department

Everyone who came to the event and had delicious lunch and received a free gift bag of toiletries, or personal clothes items.

On December 5th 2015 the Newburgh city police department and the fire department were given an award for their work in the community by former Pastor Neville Lendor  on behalf of the Newburgh Tabernacle  Seventh-day Adventist Church. 

We receive clean donated clothing new & used for our give away program. 

Our  community service department provides fresh baked goods and fresh produce to local families on Sundays from 10:AM to 12:PM.

 Our free lunch program we  give hot meals  to every one who comes on Sunday from 12: PM - 3:PM.
 In 2015 from February through December we served a total of 2,432 meals to children, adults and the elderly.

On the third Sunday of  every month. We also provide food products and other supplies donated from the Regional Food Bank. 

 Welcome to our Community 


We thank the great and mighty God who has allowed us to serve the people in our community. Who regards not person, nor takes a reward: and to Him be the glory: who doth execute the judgment of the fatherless, and widow, and loves the stranger, in giving him food and raiment

inspired by Deut. 10:17-18

We thank all the companies and  the local and national government officials who provide the products and services for the  New York food bank program


       2016     Soup kitchen Served Meals  :   2017 

Children meals = 794                        Children meals = 687

Adult Meals = 2294                            Adults meals  = 2,569

Seniors meals = 534                         Seniors meals = 517

Total 3622 Meals                              Total Meals  = 3773

        2016         Food Pantry                2017                                  

Children = 717                         Children = 730

Adult = 2201                               Adults = 2,121

Seniors = 641                            Seniors = 554
Total = 3559                                Total  = 3405

​​During the year 2017 The Community Service Department has increased its outreach
within the community of Newburgh.

The Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen are advertised at the Lake Street health Center, Social Services
Department, Johnston Street Mission and the new shelter at 104 Lander Street. The Fire and Police Department Newburgh division.

There were five (5) high school students who have volunteered with the Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry with a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 35 hour 

The two supermarkets which provide donations to the church have been tremendously helpful in their donations  they are Hanniford of New Windsor have been our original donor and Aldi's

The combine total of items from these two companies  for 2017

                      Hannaford           Aldi's

Produce               4,9591bs     703 lbs

Meat                       538 lbs      538 lbs

Bread                   2,838           550

Cakes                  2,224           119

​Deli Items​            529                59

Frozen Foods       341              195

​Prepared Foods   356              253

Dry Goods                               110

​Dairy Foods           72               19